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Only by hearing the name of Zanzibar, our mind flies to a lovely state where reality and fantasy are not clearly distinguishable. Indeed, a real place, with real people, yet a sort of tale of Arab sultans and princesses living secret romances protected by the friendly shadow of the moon…

Zanzibar Safari Club is ideally located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, in Uroa, Eastern Coast of the island, 35 km from the Stone Town, reachable by a comfortable and safe tarmac road. It is a unique place to experience the delightful sensation of living awake in the field of dreams, an Arabian dream of luxury and exuberance.

This exclusive hotel is characterized by its exquisite taste and attention to detail, elegantly decorated with a collection of antiques, but offering the comfort and security of modern technology. Its fifty rooms are tastefully decorated with traditional Swahili furniture and equipped with modern elements to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation.

And, like the cosmopolitan Swahili people of Zanzibar, the hotel combines perfectly an international high standard of hospitality and services with the best exotic touches of local lifestyle, offering to its guests a real, yet magical experience of Zanzibar. There is no other place in the world welcoming in such a warm and generous way its guests, by offering a unique real experience that goes beyond the best of dreams…

Like Dr. Livingstone, you will feel you are in PARADISE!


Zanzibar, myth or reality? No doubt, reality! Zanzibar is an archipelago of 1000 square miles, located 25 miles east of Tanzania mainland, 6 degrees south of the Equator. 

Myth or reality? No doubt, myth! the sole pronunciation of its name places our minds in the magic field of dreams, of Arabian sultans and princesses, luxury, endless unspoiled beaches and coconut trees.

And, as we all know, reality always goes beyond fantasy: the best of the dreams is the real Zanzibar. The name of Zanzibar Zanguebar, Bilad es Zandj ("the land of black people") for the first Muslim traders that on these shores, summarizes nowadays the originality and endless relations that over 1000 years have built this complex cultural system that evolves in a privileged natural framework, at which the strength of colours and smells sharpen our senses: the wonderful blue sea and white sands of the breathtaking beaches, the green of the luxuriant vegetation, the spices; like Zanzibari people, fauna and flora are also examples of the mixture of elements of different backgrounds - the Giant Tortoises in Changuu Island are now as local as the Red Columbus monkeys of Jozani Forest. 

Let us discover together the magnificent natural and cultural richness of Zanzibar. Our excursion office will open to you the door of endless possibilities of touring the island in a personalized and exclusive way, with a solid infrastructure and imaginative and innovative suggestions.




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