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We booked Safari with ATA TRAVEL three month before and we process our all payments through our Bank in Sweden direct to the Arusha Travel Agency Ltd - Bank Account who later host our safari in Tanzania...

Below is the Interview After the Safari

1. Tell us including other Travelers a little bit about your trip. How many days and to what national parks?

We did a really short trip, for three days. Arrived to Ata Hotels From Kilimanjaro Airport at late Evening, Reception were given us a very nice room with satellite TV,Hot water, HIFE Free Internet, Telephone etc
Next day we picked by Guide - Speaking English professional Guide and we left from the Hotel after the early Breakfast, left with picnic to Tarangire National Parks .

it was a full day game drive in Tarangire where were able to experience Family of birds,Giants Animals and trees like Elephants in big groups, pythons in Silalei and many groups of Baboons.

2. What was your favorite park? Why?

Both parks were really beautiful for different reasons. Tarangire had giant Animals and trees like Elephants, Baobabs, Ostriches and Pythons my Boyfriends used to call them Zillah, i.e Snake Zillah, Elephant Zillah and Tree Zillah, Bedzillar etc, Lake Manyara had amazing vegetation and the surrounding valley was stunning. To suddenly come out of the trees and see the lake with all the wildlife around it and the valley walls behind it was an amazing thing to see.

Ngorongoro Tarangire  

Ngorongoro crater was just a crazy place to be! Looking around you and realizing that you're in what used to be a mountain bigger than Kili is pretty exhilarating. The wildlife in the crater was also more varied than Manyara and Tarangire The only drawback though, and the reason why Manyara just pipped it for me, is that because the crater is so flat you can see ALL the other safari vehicles racing around, and often you get into a little queue of them, which can make it feel like a bit of an amusement park. Still, both parks were fantastic and I'd recommend both of them to anyone thinking of going.

3. What was the most amazing experience on safari?
The most amazing experience was how cold it got on the rim of the crater where we camped!! Joking aside though I think seeing a cheetah stake out a warthog was pretty cool, as was getting up real close to a hyena protecting its young.

camping_safaris manyara  

I saw every kind of animal imaginable, and our guide was full of information about them. Without him we hardly would have known what to look out for and where. The best moment was when he spotted four cheetahs in the distance that to the naked eye were no bigger than pin heads!
Our cook was great too – he put a huge effort into cooking our meals and making sure that everything was ok for us. We were just expecting some basic meals but he really cooked up a feast at every meal – we didn't eat better our whole time away!!

4. Did you see any interesting animals?
Loads! They were all interesting – I'm from Sweden the only interesting animals we have here are usually served with chips and salad.


5. Any recommendations for other travelers?
Make sure you get a zoom for your camera, otherwise you'll be constantly annoyed at how small things look through your lens! And also, if you book before like we did it is better,

6. Tell us about Arusha Travel Agency Limited including Arusha TouristAccommodation - Ata Hotels.
I can recommend Ata Hotels as the Only Place i found Cheap, Clean and best place to Stay in Arusha, I can recommend Ata Travel as the best travel company which help many travelers to meet their dreams no matter what budget can be mentioned by the travelers.

7. Where did you hear about Arusha Travel Tanzania?
Ata Travel Tanzania is well recommended by many travelers who visited to Tanzania includes travel agencies in Europe and we did find the details of the company from travel agencies in Sweden where they always send the big groups to visit Tanzania including Zanzibar for holidays.


Ir a Kenia y Tanzania ha sido siempre un sueño para mi. Sentada en el sofá de mi casa, crecí viendo prácticamente todos sus documentales de Nacional Geographic. Fascinada, soñé que algún día yo pisaría aquellas tierras de cebras, leones, elefantes y jirafas y subiría al Kilimanjaro para acariciar las nubes de África.
Quedarme sin trabajo no fue finalmente algo tan malo. Me encontré con todo el tiempo libre del mundo y unos ahorrillos. Era sin duda el momento de cumplir aquel sueño. Hablando con amigos que ya habían ido y leyendo algunos chats en internet fui consciente de los presupuestos astronómicos que se pedían. Pronto perdí la esperanza de poder, siquiera, lograrlo algún día. Por suerte, tenía una amiga trabajando en Kenia en aquel momento. Hablando sobre mi desilusión me dijo “olvídate de todo y habla con Alfred. No puedo tener mejor referencias sobre él”. Desde el primer email que intercambiamos supe que había encontrado un ángel y que solo él podría hacer mi sueño posible. Y así fue. En dos semanas estaba subiendo el Kilimanjaro…
Lo había imaginado diferente. Pensaba que la fuerza física seria lo importante. Y lo es!. Pero la fuerza de mi mente fue en mi caso la que me ayudó a llegar. Pensaba “cuando esté allí, arriba, voy a disfrutar del momento, a permanecer de pié, junto a la pendiente, observando África desde lo más alto, acordándome de toda la gente que está en mi vida, olvidando los problemas y transformando el aire puro que respiro en energía para poder empezar de nuevo”.  Lo cierto es que llegué cansada, afectada por el mal de altura y deseando bajar de nuevo..jeje. Pero dije que lo haría y lo hice.

Going to Kenya and Tanzania had always been a dream to me. Sitting on the couch at house, I grew up watching almost all of National Geographic documentary. Fascinated, I dreamed that someday I would set foot on this land of zebras, lions, elephants and giraffes and climb Mount Kilimanjaro to caress the clouds of Africa.
Becoming unemployed was not so bad eventually. I had all the free time in the world and a few Euros. It was definitely time to fulfill that dream.

Talking to friends who had already gone and reading some online chats, I was aware of the astronomical budgets that were required. I soon lost hope of being able to get it, even, some day. Luckily, I had a friend working in Kenya at that time. Talking about my disappointment she said "forget about everything and talk to Alfred. I cannot have better references to him”. From the first email exchange I knew I had found an angel and only he could make my dream possible. And so it was. In two weeks I was climbing Kilimanjaro... 
I had imagined it would be different. I thought that physical force would be the relevant factor. And it is important but, in my case, the strength of my mind was that helped me summit. I thought "once I am there, at the top, I am going to enjoy the moment, to remain standing, close to the slope,watching Africa from the highest, remembering all the people in my life, ignoring the problems and transforming the pure air I breathe into energy to start again." The truth is that I got tired, affected by altitude sickness and wanting to return again. hehe. But I said I would and I did. 
It was an experience full of contrasts "cold soothed by the warmth of good company; moments of solitude, laughter and conversations; forest, desert, glacier; your body tells you to stop while your mind is telling you to continue; glad you summit followed by tremendous desire descend now! ...."Yes, I had imagined it differently, but never better than it was. Thank you, Alfred. It has not been possible without you.

Says Laura

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